How to find after school activities

How to find after school activities

Start off by making enquiries. Nothing can beat the power of information
Approach the school authorities first. Find out if they are offering any
after school activities

Get a list of the various classes that are  available in your school
In case the school does not provide any
extracurricular activities for the child, approach your neighbors. Collect
information about any after school programs, the quality of the courses
taught and the timings etc
Also, check out some of the community

resources. These may include places of worship, community centers
Museums, libraries, the YMCA, The Boys and Girls Club etc

After you have colleted all the necessary information, discuss the various
options with your child. Find out what his interests are. The best way to
find out what is most suitable is to ask your child

 When little children
are too small, you cannot completely rely on their feedback. In this case,
monitor the development of the child on a regular basis. If the child
shows excessive resistance to an activity, it may be necessary to look for

other options
Always consider your family's schedule when planning the
extracurricular activities. If it is difficult for you to chauffeur your
child, you may want to employ tutors at home or conduct some activity at
home itself

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