Marches night scouring the number of US cities in protest at the Trump win

Marches night scouring the number of US cities in protest at the Trump win

The second day in a row experiencing a number of US cities marches night to protest against the victory of the Republican Donald Trump in the presidential race, and chanted hundreds of protesters in New York and in Washington, DC, and most of them are young people against the president-elect and expressed fears of direct real estate tycoon billionaire Trump blow to the rights of the city, and refused to one voice that Trump is their boss. "There is a lot more like us and our numbers of them, Hillary won the popular vote, Trump hates love, and we have to continue in this struggle.""We confirm that Donald Trump knows the amount of indignation, especially with the statements he declared during the campaign, we will not give up apologizing and standing as an American Thoroughbred for all Americans, and not to step down.""We are a nation of immigrants, we are state workers endure hardship, and we are a country that was always benefit from the weaker party of the underprivileged."In Baltimore, Maryland, about a thousand demonstrators took to the streets of the city on Thursday evening to express their dissatisfaction of Trump's victory in the presidential election, and demonstrations took place in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Oakland, Denver, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Dallas and other cities against the president-elect
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