Higher Education in the Middle East

Higher Education in the Middle East

  :personal experience
We often find the graduates in the thousands in the Arab countries, but unfortunately they do not find the fact that jobs commensurate with their educational level is not commensurate with the specialty 
.that broke it applicant for a job

?So what are the reasons that lead to this

First :  there are policy reasons the state itself due to poor planning based on the policy-making instruction so that it does not take into account the needs of the labor market and coordination among universities and the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Planning
Secondly :  some of the reasons to own physical universities In due mostly there became a private not only the physical return that the interested universities aspire to university administration as investment projects in the first place
Third :  the reasons on the process of scientific research the appropriate atmosphere which contributes to the public policy of the state and provide, we find most of the Arab countries in the Middle East lacks developing appropriate for scientific research budget, while most of the funds went to things not related to educationeducation and health, which are the basis of life in the This age

From my personal perspective solutions lies in the following :

The state should change its policy towards the education and guidance of the material resources of the largest scientific research and development
Rehabilitation of young people and educate them to change their view of the future for Sometimes we find young people do not apply for the Education for his love of science or in the completion of his career in the same field who Ihuah but we find them applying for education in order to get a degree just do not like something just about social situation and society's perception of the young man only being educated or not

Policy controls govern private higher education to comply with the state's policy in guiding young people in line with their potential and with the labor market requirements
Specific study of the labor market and establish a mechanism for plan several years to make graduates qualified to engage in the labor market according to the actual need of the market as well as commensurate with the potential and qualifications of young graduates

By: Abu Alaa

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