Footstep towards Inclusive Education

Footstep towards Inclusive Education

Inclusive education is a rising trend in the world. The first step towards inclusive education is providing the awareness to the general education teachers. 

This study focused to investigate the general education teachers of primary and secondary level awareness about the special

education and inclusive education. This study is descriptive method used survey type
 Closed ended questionnaire developed for collecting data. 300 teachers were selected as sample from primary and secondary schools through random sampling technique. 

Teacher's awareness level unfortunately not good particularly primary rural areas school teachers.
 The age groups (25-30) of teachers with high qualification have strong awareness level about special education (90%) and inclusive education (40%). While,senior age group (51-55) have poor 
knowledge about special education (40%) and inclusive education (2%).

Respondents' education matters regarding awareness about special education and inclusive education. Awareness level was escalating with education.

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