Dieting is tough to slow down the process of metabolism or combustion (Metabolism)

Dieting is tough to slow down the process of metabolism or combustion (Metabolism).
Metabolism or the process of the Metabolism is the process of digesting food and burn, convert it into energy. Quite simply, when you eat a lot of food, the metabolic rate increases. If Aqllt amounts of food, the metabolic rate at least.

A simple comparison, if your monthly salary of $ 5,000, then the manager decided to reduce it to $ 2,500. Can you complete your life at the same level that you are experiencing a salary of $ 5,000?

Can you complete the same expenses? Or do you Sttdtr to reduce costs to cope with the shortfall in salary? This is exactly what happens when the minimum amount of calories next to you. There are many studies that show that metabolism rate of at least between 20-45% when calories go down dramatically! This explains the accursed stopped working and this explains the difficulty in maintaining Aalhdidh into shape after excess weight loss

Harsh Dieting leads to muscle wasting and burning:

At first, some people will say to themselves, especially the ladies: What is the importance of muscle? I do not want to be a twisted muscle, all you want is to wear small sizes of clothing, or that became skinny. This is wrong thinking. The muscles have a significant role in increasing the metabolism. Which as we have explained before, is the process of converting food into energy. The wasting of muscle mass in turn leads to a decrease in metabolic process and thus slowing down the fat burning process. When entering the body in response to famine Starvation Response phase, the body begins to get rid of the tissues that consume energy (muscles).

It begins in converting muscle protein into glucose in a process known as the Gluconeogenesis or "gluconeogenesis." This process may include subsequent cracking vital organs such as the kidney, liver, and even the heart muscle and converted into sugar !! Are you still convinced of the usefulness of the accursed severe that you know this information? Studies have proved that if you follow the diet suffered without exercise to strengthen muscles, 50% of the weight lost is muscle. And if we add 20-25% loss in body water, 75% of the missing not be body fat weight! This explains the followers of the accursed harsh appearance, which is lighter in the vicinity of the neck muscles and eroded shoulders and sagging chest and abdomen. Almzaralzy so it definitely is not the best that he bargained for

Harsh Alrjemat lead to an increase in fat storage enzymes and a decrease in the enzymes that burn fat

Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL). It is the main hormone responsible for fat storage. When trace amounts of intake, the body secrete larger amounts of this hormone. And so the body begins storing fat in the future to face the risk of starvation

Harsh Alrjemat lead to a decrease in the secretion of thyroid hormone Active T3 Thyroid

Thyroid hormone or the Thyroid is responsible for the control metabolic processes. Valaqlal the secretion of this hormone cause slow the metabolism and burn less calories

Dieting leads to rapid gain the lost weight again!

When you follow a diet suffered, low-calorie, your body starts to slow down your metabolism and wasting of muscle mass and burn less fat amounts. When this hits the barrier, you have to reduce the amount of your food more and more. And begins to severe hunger in the crawl on you, and followed by fatigue and mental distraction and despair and depression. When despair to reach the weight you want, Isepk frustration and start eating large amounts of foods, hitter Balrgim wall.

And start back in the second to gain weight, then try and remorse to start dieting again, then end this accursed and so jar. Intervention in the large whirlpool or the so-called Baliuyo. And every time you followers of a low-calorie diet, which weaken the metabolic capabilities and wasted the muscles more and more. And later beats up your plumper and less muscular than Ktltk begun! The fact, studies have proved that the followers of the yo-yo Rjemat be more prone to cancer!

Dieting is cruel to the dramatic increase in appetite and a tremendous feeling of hunger

When trace amounts of intake, your body begins to alert glands to secrete hormones that opens your appetite and increase your sense of hunger, and even force you to eat. Flubs many followers of the accursed when they blame themselves because of their inability to follow this cruel Alrjemat. The feeling very hungry, and the difficulty of resistance very natural thing, and very few people have the ability to resist. The problem is not lack of ability and endurance, but the drawback is the description 
of this cruel to you accursed, who can not be followed

Harsh Dieting lowers power ratios you have and your ability to give and focus:

Harsh Alrjemat lead to feeling tired, fatigue and laziness. And lead to the inability to exercise, working and studying, or even perform marital duties. You should be your diet and adequate requirements for each physical and mental

It is very difficult to follow the low-calorie Alrjemat for long periods

Most of the doctors and specialists slimming diet, prescribe for their patients low-calorie diets and their very limited varieties of foods. You and puts severe restrictions and prevents you from most of the varieties of fruit, and most types of meat and starches. And the followers of this Alrjemat suffer extreme boredom of these foods, in addition to the case of extreme hunger that they have. Fa, of course, is hard to resist the temptations of food for a long period of time. When increasing restrictions weaken the resistance of man more and more

We mentioned reasons Rjemat Drs failure, or very low in calories Alrjemat, and the reasons for this failure. But what is the alternative? What is a successful dieting?
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