3 Disciplines you must studied in America

3 Disciplines you must studied in America

United States: About study programs

Thanks to prestigious universities and international prestige, the United States ranked as one of the most attractive countries for international students at all.

While American universities are considered the strongest in the world, there are a number of disciplines that you think should be studied when they decide to study in America.


When the US economy is suffering from some setbacks (as happened recently), it will reflect negatively on the global economy as a whole, which summarizes the phrase "when America sneezes, the whole world feels cold."

You have the opportunity to study economics at the most important economic and media centers is very exciting and will lead to the growth of creative thinking and the formation of new points of view stems from the vision and a network that ties are endless.
American universities have a strong presence within the list of the best universities that offer distinct programs of study in the areas of economy, notably: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and the University of California - Berkeley

Financial and Business Management Sciences

United States of America the weight of financial markets in the center of the world, where misfortune US financial markets are the largest and most liquid in the world
Constitute the American capital markets 7.9% of the total GDP of the country any more than 1.24 trillion US dollars (according to the statistics of 2012), and works in financial services, insurance, more than 5.87 million people are expected this figure to grow by 12% by the year 2018
Innovators will happen in American universities the opportunity to pursue investment activities from the heart of Wall Street, the most famous in the world's financial centers, which develops analytical abilities of students 
The Stanford, Chicago, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts Institute of the leading universities in the areas of Finance Alalumblyh centers

Political Science and International Relations

US foreign policy is characterized by its toll on international and particularly on economic issues, or those related to political or military conflicts, so the study of politics and international relations from the perspective of the United States is a very exciting opportunity is priceless
Study political science and international relations at American universities means that you would consider a lot of philosophy, sociology, political theory, and the law allowing you to compare the political systems in the world to come out later , has given you the opportunity to deal directly with local political issues such as rights civil and issues of public opinion

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