Definition of Cornell University

Foundations Ezra Cornell Cornell University in the April 22, 1865, where the educational vision is to be teaching 'any person any study' continued Cornell University in the footsteps of its founder, which the university raised slogans at every opportunity, and put excerpts from his speeches and writings and see it in their publications and in every corner of the angles as the spiritual father of this university, Cornell has not only did these slogans but applied in practice, as history suggests that successive administrations working on the expansion of the university and the development of education in them.

In 1868 the first private building for the University in Ithaca established, where is the main site of the university, which contains more than 260 buildings, and is considered Cornell University private and government at the same time the University, the earth was a grant from the state of New York, created while funds from the people, as is considered a member of prestigious universities gathered East and a partner in the New York State University.

The distribution of the university buildings at three locations: the main in Ithaca, while the other sites in New York and Doha, and include a number of colleges, including the College of Architecture and Life of Architecture, Art and Planning and the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering and the School of Hotel Services and science as well as several schools in Law and Humanities, and others. The number of faculty members totaled 2,627 at the end of 2005, while the number of students 20 299 students.
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